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A Few Words on Disappearing Posts…

The Letter by Jan van Beers, 1885.

Some of you may have noticed that my archive of articles on Victorian fashion and beauty has recently become a bit thinner. I know that many of those articles—specifically my Victorian Lady’s Guides and my Visual Guides to Victorian Fashion series—were incredibly popular, so I thought I’d take a brief moment to explain what has happened to them.[…]Continue Reading is Moving to a New Website Provider. Don't Get Left Behind!

The Bayswater Omnibus by George William Joy (1855-1925)
The Bayswater Omnibus by George William Joy (1855-1925). is presently undergoing a complete website redesign. My new website will launch in the next week or two. My web address will be the same, but my entire website is going to look very different. Don’t be alarmed! It’s still me. All the same content will be available to you—including my archive of articles on nineteenth century animals, etiquette, fashion, beauty, and law.[…]Continue Reading