A Holiday By Gaslight

A Holiday By Gaslight

A Victorian Christmas Novella

A Courtship of Convenience

Sophie Appersett is quite willing to marry outside of her class to ensure the survival of her family. But the darkly handsome Mr. Edward Sharpe is no run-of-the-mill London merchant. He’s grim and silent. A man of little emotion—or perhaps no emotion at all. After two months of courtship, she’s ready to put an end to things.

A Last Chance for Love

But severing ties with her taciturn suitor isn’t as straightforward as Sophie envisioned. Her parents are outraged. And then there’s Charles Darwin, Prince Albert, and that dratted gaslight. What’s a girl to do except invite Mr. Sharpe to Appersett House for Christmas and give him one last chance to win her? Only this time there’ll be no false formality. This time they’ll get to know each other for who they really are.

Advance Praise

“Matthews (The Matrimonial Advertisement) pays homage to Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South with her admirable portrayal of the Victorian era’s historic advancements in addition to courtship struggles arising from societal castes. Revealed incrementally throughout are family circumstances molding the characters of both Sophie and Ned, allowing their genuine identities to evolve naturally, just like their sincere and sweet romance…Readers will easily fall for Sophie and Ned in their gaslit surroundings.” -Library Journal, starred review

A Holiday by Gaslight is a real delight. Completely satisfying as a graceful love story, it also doubles as a family drama and an authentic presentation of the 1860s that reads with the simplicity and visual gusto of a period movie…It’s a sweet tale filled with believable characters…Fun to read and fun to read again, this book is one of my favorites now.” -Readers’ Favorite

“A perfect holiday treat for Victorian-loving romantics. Sophie and Ned’s sweet romance is sure to steal your heart.” -Lena Goldfinch, bestselling author of The Unexpected Bride

“This is the epitome of what historical romance is all about….Sure to warm your heart—perfect read for the holiday season!”-Christina Boyd, The Quill Ink

“A delight of a novel. Downton Abbey-esque with a hint of [Georgette] Heyer. And with mentions of Charles Darwin, Dickens and Elisabeth Gaskell, this is a sparkling witty read…Delightfully fresh and playful which in itself would make me read more.” -The Booktrail

“This is magical, it beautifully entwines a gorgeous Victorian Christmas, social prejudices of the era and the most marvellously different cast of characters that you would ever want in a historical romance…[A] wonderfully charming and vividly rich romance, that will have the readers swooning with absolute delight. Perfect!” -Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

“A surprisingly lovely and feminist, sweet romance. Feminist? In Victorian England? Hell, yes. Sophie is a capable woman, a voracious reader, an admirer of Charles Darwin. She’s a custodian of her own agency even (and maybe especially) when so little power is afforded her. I mean, I loved it, y’all. This is smart and adorable and it just feels ‘good’.” -Flavia, NetGalley

“Pairing Prince Albert’s death with the theory of evolution and gaslight making its way into English homes is ingenious…It’s Christmas and there’s a house party – the scene is set for angst, romance and a happy ending. Loved it.” -Rekha, NetGalley

“I don’t usually jump up and down getting all excited about a book but there is a time for everything, and so you can picture me jumping up and down. This novella is delightful!, wonderful!, and perfect for a spirited lift in the Holiday season.” -Dot, NetGalley

“A simple, and sweet tale of romance with all of the feeling of the Victorian era, with the addition of a young woman far ahead of her time and a man looking for more than a simpering damsel…A feel good, yet sweet romance just in time for the holidays!” -Dianne, NetGalley

“This was such an enchanting holiday novella. I picked it up when I was in a less than stellar mood and it had me smiling in no time.” -Jennifer, NetGalley

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