A Modest Independence

A Modest Independence

Book 2: Parish Orphans of Devon

He Needed Peace…

Solicitor Tom Finchley has spent his life using his devious intellect to solve the problems of others. As for his own problems, they’re nothing that a bit of calculated vengeance can’t remedy. But that’s all over now. He’s finally ready to put the past behind him and settle down to a quiet, uncomplicated life. If only he could find an equally uncomplicated woman.

She Wanted Adventure…

Former lady’s companion Jenny Holloway has just been given a modest independence. Now, all she wants is a bit of adventure. A chance to see the world and experience life far outside the restrictive limits of Victorian England. If she can discover the fate of the missing Earl of Castleton while she’s at it, so much the better.

From the gaslit streets of London to the lush tea gardens of colonial India, Jenny and Tom embark on an epic quest—and an equally epic romance. But even at the farthest edges of the British Empire, the past has a way of catching up with you…


— A USA Today Bestseller —

“Matthews immerses readers in the intricate descriptions of exotic locales and the difficulties of Victorian travel…Fans of the series will enjoy exploring secondary characters’ lives and the truly heroic compromises Tom makes to be with the woman he loves.” -Library Journal

“As always, Matthews’ attention to historical accuracy is impeccable. From the rigid standards and expectations of Victorian courtship to the siege of Jhansi, she has clearly done her research. Her characters are a refreshing change from the typical genre protagonists; for example, there is ‘nothing particularly remarkable about Thomas Finchley,’ the author writes. Yet his intellect and unabashed kindness are the stuff of true romance…Strong, smart characters and a daring quest result in a Victorian love story with a charmingly modern sensibility.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Perceptive social insights enrich this Victorian romance: into law practices, class and racial prejudice, pressures on women to conform to social conventions, snobbery and the casual assumption of privilege by wealthy and aristocratic elites. The route, by ship, train, and dak cart, is traced in authentic detail. The behavior of the characters is justified by past experience. Jenny and Tom are admirable and their willingness to make sacrifices for each other’s happiness wins our sympathy. Strongly recommended.” -Historical Novel Society

“Author Mimi Matthews has produced her best writing to date with A MODEST INDEPENDENCE, as it is beautifully written, vivid, emotional, honest, and totally captivating from beginning to the awesome conclusion.” -The Romance Reviews, top pick

“For fans of sweeping romances with exotic vistas…Jenny Holloway is a powerful female heroine that Jane Austen would be proud of, setting off with an inquisitive mind and a superb sense of exploration…highly recommended for fans of optimistic and adventurous historical romances. A very excellent and entertaining read.” -Readers’ Favorite

“Mimi Matthews has officially solidified her place as my #1 go-to author for Historical Romance!…What Mimi does so well is create characters that endear themselves to your heart. And her descriptions of India and Egypt brought you right there. I loved everything about this book!” -Passages to the Past

“A masterpiece of historical research and writing, I was spellbound by every sight that our couple see…a gorgeous, heart-warming and brilliantly clever romance which will keep you turning the pages…In one word, this is beautiful.” -Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

“The most satisfying romance involves so much more than physical attraction. It is care and tenderness; it’s a meeting of minds and souls; it’s mutual respect; in short, it’s companionship on the deepest level possible, and I’m not sure I have ever come across a story that has portrayed that more captivatingly than this one. From the smallest gestures of thoughtfulness or tenderness right through to the soul-puddling kisses, this story had EVERYTHING I love most about romance.” -Fiction Aficionado

“I’m convinced Mimi Matthews writes the best historical romance around. The chemistry between the characters is spot on and the historical details are used perfectly to add texture and depth to the story…An absolute must-read for fans of romance, historicals or both.” -Foxes and Fairy Tales

A Modest Independence is not only adventurous, but it is also astounding…Matthews is a bright, shining star in historical romance and I look forward to the next installment in the series.” -Laurel Ann Nattress, Austenprose

“Once again Mimi Matthews has proven her skill as an author. She has written a tale of romance, adventure, and flawed but honest characters. Her stories make the Victorian era come alive without romanticizing it. Her ability to present the injustices and social inequality of the time with compassion and understanding gives readers a fresh and much needed realistic perspective of what daily life was like. If you like intelligently written historical fiction, then I encourage you to read A Modest Independence.” -The Silver Petticoat Review

“A romance that is wrapped in a soft philosophy: encouraging the reader to go to places—figuratively and emotionally—and mull on the nature of love while gorgeous settings unfurl in a perfectly worded canvas…This is a book to be savoured.” -Rachel McMillan, author of the Herringford and Watts mysteries

“An impeccably-researched historical novel that sets the reader in an authentic Victorian world; an adventure story about visiting exotic lands seen through the eyes of English travellers who are both sympathetic and believable in an era when British imperialism was at its height…Most of all, this gorgeous novel is a love story to end all love stories, with protagonists who are as three-dimensional as my closest friends.” -Clarissa Harwood, author of Impossible Saints

“From the very first pages, set in intriguing and exotic lands far from Victorian England, the delicious tension and yearning almost drip off the pages. This is a story not only about falling in love, it’s about coming into your own and discovering what you thought was important really isn’t if you can’t be with the one who completes you.” -Christina Boyd, The Quill Ink

“The romance between Jenny and Tom is tender, thoughtful and sweetly endearing…The details are perfect with the author using a thorough knowledge and understanding of the period to create each scene, so that its almost like looking through a stereoscope viewer to follow the story…Their journey is not only physical, but one of personal growth too and it leaves the reader feeling fulfilled, warm and ready for the next parish orphan’s story!” -Jayne Fresina, bestselling author of Once Upon a Kiss

“Mimi Matthews has the ability to reveal her characters inner most thoughts even when they are deeply confused…This accurate picture of society’s expectations helps the reader to feel Jenny’s frustration at the entrapment of women within marriage, paralleled by the tight rigidity of her corseted costume. And the addition of passion and love, results in an irresistible tale I did not want to stop reading.” -Lost in a Good Book

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