The Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter

The Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter

A Victorian Romance

A World-Weary Rake

After years of unbridled debauchery, Tristan Sinclair, Viscount St. Ashton has hit proverbial rock bottom. Seeking to escape his melancholy, he takes refuge at one of Victorian society’s most notorious house parties. As the Christmas season approaches, he prepares to settle in for a month of heavy drinking…until an unexpected encounter changes his plans—and threatens his heart.

A Prim Vicar’s Daughter

Valentine March is not the drab little spinster she appears to be. When her new job as a lady’s companion lands her smack in the middle of Yorkshire with England’s most infamous rake, she resolves to keep her head down and her eyes fixed firmly on her future—a future which most definitely does not include a sinfully handsome viscount.

A Match Made in Scandal

A friendship is impossible. An affair out of the question. But when one reckless act binds them together, will two star-crossed souls discover there’s more to each other than meets the eye? Or will revelations from the past end their fragile romance before it begins?


“Matthews’ tale hits all the high notes of a great romance novel. Valentine, the heroine, is a spunky underdog completely unaware of her own beauty and uninterested in material wealth. Tristan is a smoldering hunk of love, a bad boy with a soft heart who just wants someone to believe in him. Their mutual attraction is a joy to behold….Cue the satisfied sighs of romance readers everywhere.” -Kirkus Reviews

“A wonderful Victorian tale of two people from different worlds…This story had superb pacing and was unbelievably romantic…Miss Matthews’ writing and characterization brings the story and characters to life immediately. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, charming, and completely swoon-worthy romance, you’ll find it in this delightful story.” –Love at 1st Read

“A wonderful story, steeped in historical fact…the ideal book to lose yourself in and drift off to a different place and time.” -Readers’ Favorite

“A romance in every sense of the word…I thoroughly enjoyed this book.” -Talia, Goodreads

“[An] easy to devour Victorian era romance with deeply thought out characters, fantastic dialogue, enough historical details to make the story realistic but not too much to make it frustrating and a completely lovely, tender romantic arc…I read it in one sitting because I could not possibly put it down.” -Meghan, Goodreads

“The Victorian setting is always special to me, and never more so than when written by an author who knows the era inside out…I enjoyed The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter for heaps of reasons, but especially because it took well-used (almost over-used?) tropes and turned every single one of them around, making them new again.” -Sonia, Goodreads

“This was a delightful story…The Characters were imaginative, lush and realistic…The tale was even paced, well written, moved smoothly, it had a surprise or two for you. I highly recommend this book, I loved it.” -Candy, Goodreads

“I completely enjoyed this book. The characters development was well thought out and I loved them. For the first time in ages, I found myself not wanting a book to end.” -Mandy, Goodreads

“A romance that will keep you turning the pages. The characters were so well done you wanted to see what happens in the end.” -Barbara, NetGalley

“I just loved the story, so much that I just could not put the book down and get some sleep…I highly recommend this book.” -Patricia, NetGalley

“After reading Mimi Matthews book, The Lost Letter, I could not wait to read her next book. This book does not disappoint the reader of historical romance…My only complaint is that it was too short!” -Andrea, NetGalley

“What a delight! I loved the heroine, the hero, their interactions, his relationship with his father, everything.” -Jane, Goodreads

“I thoroughly enjoyed this one from beginning to end and could not put it down…It is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it.” -Aimee, Goodreads

“It is a familiar story plot but yet it takes a turn which fully absorbs the reader….I truly enjoyed the quick wit and true conversations of both the characters.” -Joann, Goodreads

“Mimi Matthews employs her deep understanding of the Victorian world of 1861 in this romance.” –Nancy, Goodreads