The Lost Letter

The Lost Letter

A Victorian Romance

A Proud Beauty

Society beauty Sylvia Stafford is far too pragmatic to pine. When the tragic death of her gamester father leaves her destitute and alone, she finds work as a governess in a merchant’s household in Cheapside. Isolated from the fashionable acquaintance of her youth, she resigns herself to lonely spinsterhood…until a mysterious visitor convinces her to temporarily return to her former life—and her former love.

A Scarred Beast

Colonel Sebastian Conrad is no longer the dashing cavalry officer Sylvia once fell in love with. Badly scarred during the Sepoy Rebellion, he has withdrawn to his estate in rural Hertfordshire where he lives in near complete seclusion. Brooding and tormented, he cares nothing for the earldom he has inherited—and even less for the faithless beauty who rejected him three years before.

A Second Chance

A week together in the remote Victorian countryside is the last thing either of them ever wanted. But when fate intervenes to reunite them, will a beastly earl and an impoverished beauty finally find their happily-ever-after? Or are some fairy-tale endings simply not meant to be?


“Lost love letters, lies, and betrayals separate a soldier from the woman he loves in this gripping, emotional Victorian romance from Matthews (the Parish Orphans of Devon series)…The chemistry between these star-crossed lovers is undeniable, and Matthews imbues their sweeping romance with just the right amount of period detail to make the setting come alive. Historical romance fans should snap this one up.” Publishers Weekly, STARRED review 

“This sweet story is the perfect quick read for fans of Regency romances as well as Victorian happily-ever-afters, with shades of Austen and the Brontës that create an entertaining blend of drama and romance. Readers searching for a clean yet emotionally passionate love story will be satisfied with Sylvia and Sebastian’s believable relationship.” -RT Book Reviews

“Debut author Matthews adroitly captures the internal conflicts of her two main characters…The author’s prose is consistently refined and elegant, and she memorably builds the simmering attraction between Sylvia and Sebastian.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A fast and emotionally satisfying read, with two characters finding the happily-ever-after they had understandably given up on. A promising debut.” -Library Journal

“An extremely romantic and emotional story…The characters are so realistic and just walk off the page and into your heart. This love story will stay in my memory for some time to come. This is a definite keeper that I can highly recommend.” -The Romance Reviews, top pick

“Absolutely remarkable!…Right up there with the best books I have read this year…Beautiful, romantic and emotionally shattering…One of those books that you keep on the bookshelf forever…Flawless!” -Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

“I had high hopes for The Lost Letter and I wasn’t disappointed. Mimi Matthews’ début novel is deeply romantic…I’ll be looking forward to more from this promising new historical romance author.” -Romantic Historical Reviews

“Mimi Matthews writing reflects her deep academic knowledge of Victorian social history, subtly making every action and speech believable…I found myself rooting for Sylvia and enjoying every moment of this delightful novel.” -Lost in a Good Book

“In a sweet Victorian setting, Beauty and the Beast is retold in a two and a half hour read that will have your heart doing somersaults the whole time.” -Book Ink Reviews

“A beautifully written, emotionally satisfying, character driven love story. Highly recommended.” –Rakes and Rascals

The Lost Letter is a lovely, touching, and beautifully written story, which I’m sure will be enjoyed by anyone who favors emotion, romance, and a second chance at love.” –Long and Short Reviews

“This delectable book is short and sweet enough to be easily devoured in just a few hours. Once started, it’s impossible to stop reading until the (thankfully fairy tale) end.” -Focus Daily News 

“So romantic! A sweet, emotional, and hopeful story. I look forward to reading more from this author. ” -Love at 1st Read

“If you took Pride and Prejudice and married it to Beauty and the Beast, you would end up with The Lost Letter…204 pages of addicting romance between Sylvia Stafford and her lost love, Colonel Sebastian Conrad.” -GeekMom

“So much emotion, and such classic archetypes and tropes….it made my reader heart very very happy. I’m a demanding reader and THE LOST LETTER delivered in every way. 5 stars. Highly recommend!” -Jane Porter, NYT and USA Today bestselling author

“Charming Beauty and the Beast novella. The heroine has backbone, the troubled hero sorts himself out in good time, there’s an excellent valet, the period feel is note perfect, and the ending is lovely.” -KJ Charles, editor and RITA-nominated author 

Contests and Awards
  • 2016 RWA Beau Monde Royal Ascot Finalist — Historical Romance
  • 2016 NTRWA Great Expectations Finalist — Historical Romance

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