Gentleman Jim

Gentleman Jim

A Tale of Romance and Revenge

She couldn’t forget…

Wealthy squire’s daughter Margaret Honeywell was always meant to marry her neighbor, Frederick Burton-Smythe, but it’s bastard-born Nicholas Seaton who has her heart. Raised alongside her on her father’s estate, Nicholas is the rumored son of notorious highwayman Gentleman Jim. When Fred frames him for theft, Nicholas escapes into the night, vowing to find his legendary sire. But Nicholas never returns. A decade later, he’s long been presumed dead.

He wouldn’t forgive…

After years spent on the continent, John Beresford, Viscount St. Clare has finally come home to England. Tall, blond, and dangerous, he’s on a mission to restore his family’s honor. If he can mete out a bit of revenge along the way, so much the better. But he hasn’t reckoned for Maggie Honeywell. She’s bold and beautiful—and entirely convinced he’s someone else. 

As danger closes in, St. Clare is torn between love and vengeance. Will he sacrifice one to gain the other? Or with a little luck—and a lot of daring—will he find a way to have them both?

Advance Praise

“Matthews serves up a savory blend of suspense, erotic infatuation, and marriage intrigue. Her characters are sharply drawn and captivating with lots of Hogarthian quirks; her scenes of balls, drawing-room manners, and vaporous anxieties over deportment are full of piquant details; and the dialogue is tartly elegant…A vigorous, sparkling, and entertaining love story with plenty of Austen-ite wit.” -Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review

“Matthews ups the ante with a wildly suspenseful romance, filled with scheming and betrayals, and featuring a courageous heroine in fragile health paired with a hero bent on retribution who isn’t too good to be true.” -Library Journal, STARRED review

“Readers who love lots of intrigue and historicals that sound properly historical will savor this one.” -NPR

“I love a good yarn (in all senses of the word) and this book delivers a belter. This is an historical romance that feels fresh, vibrant and made me sing the Good Book Noise.” -Smart Bitches Trashy Books

“Matthews demonstrates that even a frothy Regency romp can carry rewarding emotional heft. Gentleman Jim is an utter delight.” -Historical Novel Society

“It is superb…an exciting paean to Heyer and to Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo…-Frolic

“Full of spirit and suspense, Gentleman Jim is a Regency romantic adventure that will hold you utterly in thrall.” -Austenesque Reviews

“[Matthews] has a gift for marrying the classical to vintage historical romance…An engaging story of struggle, heartache, and the triumph of love.” -Austenprose

“Equally passionate and powerful…Mimi Matthews proves once again that she is a master of historical fiction in Gentleman Jim.” -Readers’ Favorite

“Rollicking and romantic, passionate and intriguing, Matthews has delivered a gorgeous love story, rife with legendary romantic tension…Regency romance does not get any better than Gentleman Jim” -Relz Reviewz

“Matthews’ usual talent, impeccable research and sense for heedless romance and gothic passions remain on display…She is so good at writing passionate and yet perfectly chaste romance that one finds oneself sitting, enraptured, as her words fly by.” -All About Romance

“Full to the brim of a passionate spirit that almost bursts from the pages…This is Mimi Matthews on Caffeine…This will charge your brain and light your heart…I freaking LOVE this book.” -Rachel McMillan, author of The London Restoration

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