The Matrimonial Advertisement Audiobook is Coming Soon from Audible!

I’m super excited to announce that Audible has bought the audiobook rights to my upcoming Victorian romance The Matrimonial Advertisement! This actually happened last month, but I was waiting to tell you until the ink on the contracts was dry. What does it mean? It means that very soon you can purchase the audiobook version of The Matrimonial Advertisement at Amazon, iTunes, or at the Audible store. I don’t have a release date yet, nor do I know who the narrator is going to be, but I’ll keep you all posted as I get more info.

In the meanwhile, thank you all so much for pre-ordering The Matrimonial Advertisement in ebook and paperback. As a special treat, I’m keeping the ebook priced at $2.99 through release week. It will go up to the regular price the following week.

Coming September 4

The Matrimonial Advertisement
Parish Orphans of Devon, Book 1

England, 1859. When ex-army captain Justin Thornhill places an advertisement for a wife, the mysterious lady who appears on his doorstep isn’t quite what he was expecting. 
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ebook: $2.99 / paperback: $16.99

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If you’d like more information on The Matrimonial Advertisement, including advance reviews and pre-order links, you can check out its book page HERE. And if you’re curious to see what I’m working on next, have a look at the just released blurb for my upcoming Christmas novella A Holiday by Gaslight

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