The Matrimonial Advertisement: Exclusive Cover Reveal at USA Today!

The Matrimonial Advertisement 
Coming September 2018

Today, I’m thrilled to be over at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog with Joyce Lamb for the exclusive cover reveal of my next Victorian romance novel, The Matrimonial AdvertisementYou can click through to the USA Today website HERE. I hope you’ll all stop by and have a look! 

The Matrimonial Advertisement is a Victorian Gothic romance set, primarily, on the North Devon Coast of England. It was inspired by two real life events from the late 1850s. It’s slightly darker than my previous Victorian romances, but no less romantic. The short blurb reads as follows:

England, 1859. When ex-army captain Justin Thornhill places an advertisement for a wife, the mysterious lady who arrives on his doorstep isn’t quite what he was expecting.

The Matrimonial Advertisement is the first book in the Parish Orphans of Devon series. The cover was designed by the brilliant James Egan of Bookfly Design and features an actual photograph from 1862. For the full length blurb, buy links, advance reviews, and excerpt from the first chapter, see The Matrimonial Advertisement book page.

The Matrimonial Advertisement will be released on September 4, 2018 and is now available for pre-order. It’s only $2.99 during the pre-order period, but the price will go up to $3.99 as it gets closer to the release date. And yes, there will be many exciting book giveaways and Victorian-themed gifts to come!

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Sarah Waldock
Sarah Waldock
2 years ago

It’s a good read, I was privileged to beta it

2 years ago

Can’t wait to read this!

Cee Lee
Cee Lee
2 years ago

Oh, I can’t wait! I have loved the other books!!

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