The Pug Who Bit Napoleon eBook Worldwide Release Day!

It’s release day for the eBook version of my non-fiction animal history book The Pug Who Bit Napoleon: Animal Tales of the 18th and 19th Centuries! The eBook is available worldwide and can be purchased for Kindle, Nook, or other eBook reading device. The paperback version has, unfortunately, been delayed until early next month.

The Pug Who Bit Napoleon features historically accurate—and thoroughly cited—animal stories about famous (and not so famous) dogs, cats, horses, rodents, reptiles, and fish. It also contains 100 color images, including paintings and sketches of the various animals profiled. If your eBook reading device only supports black and white images, you may want to wait for the paperback version of The Pug Who Bit Napoleon to be released next month so that you can fully appreciate the pictures.

You can learn more about The Pug Who Bit Napoleon at its official book page HERE. Or, to order directly, simply click through to Amazon or Barnes and Noble via one of the links below.

E-Book Available Now!

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble 

I’ll be hosting a few special giveaways in the weeks to come to celebrate the paperback release. In the meanwhile, if you purchase an eBook copy of The Pug Who Bit Napoleon this week, please do stop by my Facebook or Twitter page and let me know so that I can thank you personally. And please don’t forget to leave a review at Goodreads and/or Amazon!

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