Winners of My Victorian-Themed Letter Writing Giveaway!

The Reply by Auguste Toulmouche, n.d.
(Musee des Beaux-Arts)

In my last author newsletter, I offered an exclusive, Victorian-themed letter writing giveaway to celebrate the upcoming release of my debut historical romance novel The Lost Letter. This very special giveaway included:

  • A signed, advance paperback copy of The Lost Letter
  • A Victorian-style writing set, with quill pen, steel nibs, and ink
  • A stationery box with an embossed quote by English poet John Donne
  • A stationery set, including 20 writing sheets, matching envelopes, and wax sticker seals

I assigned numbers to all of the entries and used a random number generator to select one of them. The problem was, there was so many entries that I felt horrible to limit the contest to only one winner. After the first number was selected I had the number generator choose a second one. The two winners are Beth K. and Sue B. They have both been notified by email and will receive identical giveaway gifts.

Victorian-Themed Letter Writing Giveaway

To everyone else, thank you so much for entering my first giveaway. And to those of you who sent me messages along with your entry, I just want you to know how much your kind words meant to me. I appreciate all of you so much and truly value your readership.

I’ll be having more giveaways soon to celebrate the September 19 release of The Lost Letter. I’ll keep you all posted!

Coming September 19

The Lost Letter
A Victorian Romance

England, 1860. An impoverished beauty is unexpectedly reunited with the beastly earl who jilted her three years before. Will they finally find their happily ever after? Or are some fairy-tale endings simply not meant to be? Find out more…

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