The Beau Monde's Regency Turns 80 Celebration - These Old Shades

It is the 80th anniversary of the first Georgette Heyer Regency novel.  In celebration, throughout 2015 The Beau Monde will be posting articles on each of Heyer’s novels. 

If you are a fan of Georgette Heyer, the Regency Era, or just plain good writing, go to The Beau Monde’s Blog, The Quizzing Glass, and check them out.

My contribution to the celebration is an article on These Old Shades.  Georgette Heyer’s first bestseller, it is more than a romance novel.  It is an epic tale of revenge!


Mimi Matthews is the author of The Pug Who Bit Napoleon: Animal Tales of the 18th and 19th Centuries (to be released by Pen and Sword Books in November 2017).  She researches and writes on all aspects of nineteenth century history—from animals, art, and etiquette to fashion, beauty, feminism, and law. 

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I’m going to the Quizzing Glass right now–the book you mention is an old favorite of mine.

Mimi Matthews

Thanks for the comment, Angelyn! These Old Shades is one of the really good ones. But then, there are so many to choose from!


No kidding–I like your banner, by the way. She looks like Vivien Leigh in the library.

Mimi Matthews

I thought so too! I love the 1940’s! Hopefully it won’t confuse the people who come here for the Regency era posts…